2010. június 27., vasárnap

Girls, Girls, Girls

You like ’em blond, You like ’em brunette, black, white or yellow - no matter what You fancy, Barry’s got ’em in spades! Only the finest in town, captured on film for all eternity in delicious SexyRama. For just 99 cents You can have the privilege to spend an evening with these ladies:

Being my cousin’s daughter, Sharon has always been special to me. „Barry, make her a star!” And that’s exactly what I did… and something else. But don’t tell THAT to my cousin!

Sandra was a schoolteacher down in Louisiana, until her mother died. Then she came up to the Big Bad Apple, looking for work. The minute she walked in my office I knew she was born for the big pictures. One of those girls who can seduce You with her intelligence alone, the rest is just the icing on this very sweet cake.

Hold it right there, don’t move! There, a perfect shot. Molly is going to be one of them supermodels You see on those fancy magazine covers. But for now, she works exclusively for me.

Suzy Lee, the Pearl of the Orient. Brought up in an orphanage, she surely would have ended up on the skids in no time if not for Uncle Barry. What lovely eyes she’s got!

I want my girls to look absolutely THE BEST and Deadree certainly deserves to be treated like a French dutchess. She told me her mother is French so who knows, maybe she’s really got some blue blood flowing in her.

Giselle is a part time nurse at the General Hospital. I was more than happy to help her out when she found herself in financial difficulties. I had only one condition: bring on your work outfit!

I like to frame my girls between two blocks of emptiness. I guess You can call it the Mahon Style. It definitely brings out Rita’s fine assets don’t You think? WATCH OUT! There is a man behind You!

Well, I gotta go now, another girl is knocking on my door. It’s not easy to be a nudie cutie filmmaker You know…

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