2009. augusztus 17., hétfő

kritikus tömeg

A dvd beszerzése előtt jónak láttam elolvasni néhány netes írást a SATAN'S BABY DOLL-ról, hátha okosabb leszek.

Satan’s Baby Doll is short on dialog and filled with copious amounts of atmosphere. - 1000Bullets

Here's how Satan's Baby Doll breaks down: talking, talking, (...) talking, talking... - DvdVerdict

The whole thing runs a very tight 74 minutes, with Bianchi barely pausing... - Mondo Digital

Even at 73 minutes the film is overlong and stretched to the breaking point. Boredom was my constant companion during my viewing. - Eccentric Cinema

The films running time is only a mere seventy four minutes and yet so much happens in so little time. - 1000Bullets

A minimalist remake of Andrea Bianchi's superior MALABIMBA. MALABIMBA is the real ticket. - JF State

In many ways Satan’s Baby Doll is a superior film to its predecessor Malabimba - 1000Bullets

Satan’s Baby Doll just isn’t as interesting as Malabimba. - AV Maniacs

Satan's Baby Doll is the more atmospheric and effective than MALABIMBA - Giallo Fever

MALABIMBA is at least worth a look thanks to its director’s go-for-broke style; avoid SATAN’S BABY DOLL like the plague. - Dvd Drive-In

Satan's Baby Doll is almost superior, enjoying a more attainable atmosphere - Sexgoremutants