1981. február 5., csütörtök


with English dubtitles (ad verbatim!)

-Your brother stayed five years with us,ever since the day of that tragedy. We can't guarantee that he is totally cured therefore You must always keep your eyes open,You understand?
-I do anything in the world to see him get well! Now everything is going to be okay...
- Miguel,darling! I'm so happy to see You again!

Two weeks later...

She had sent everyone away and she was lying on her bed alone,reading a book. The murderer was stalking his victim,lurking silently in the deep shadows of the night,feverishly trying to penetrate the bungalow.
The thought of her alone racing to his mind: beautiful, voluptuous, innocent, helpless, incapable of resisting.
Finally,the door gave way and silently he slipped into the room. As in a trance,he looked around him in the dark.

The only thing that disturbed him was the light in her bedroom. He didn't want to be recognized.He planned taking her like a phantom in the night...

Next morning...

- Here is the guilty party! A murder story "The killer came at midnight".

- But I saw her lying there!
-These detective stories really gone to your head,huh?
-She's been stabbed in the breast,it was horrible!
-Dream about me instead,Angela,You will sleep better.

- That's not all! If You go to bed with Alvaro,your dreams will be even better!


- You shouldn't want me to do that. That's the craziest thing that has ever happened to me! If that's the way You like it,okay. It's a little perverse,but I'll try anything as long as I'll get back to the club on time.
- Not so hard,my backside is aching! But as they say,suffering is good for pleasure! I always wanted to make it with a Spaniard,they are so hot-blooded,You never know what to expect! You don't have to do all this You know,I wasn't planning on running away. I said I was game for anything. Wish my girlfriends could only see me now,they wouldn't believe me if I'd tell them!
-You know,I still don't know what You look like,why don't You take off your mask?
- Hey,don't leave me here all by myself! Where are You? What are You doing? Untie me! I want to get out of here,please! This isn't funny anymore,let me go now!

- Stop this thing,for God's sake,stop it!

- I beg You! I don't want to die!


- I won't say anything,don't kill me,please!
-Angela,You won't be able to say anything at all once I'm through with You. I make You wish You'd never come here. Now You know You weren't dreaming. Yes,it was me who murdered your friend!

- I saved your life,remember that! Don't You ever forget,he threatened You the same way he threatened me. Miguel and Alvaro are both murderers, remember that! And just be damn sure to remember it! Now get out!

On general release: BACKSTABBER 2 - THE RETURNING