2013. december 29., vasárnap

A Texasi Dr.Pepper Mészárlás

Tell me about working with Tobe Hooper. What are your memories of working with him on the set, and do you ever recall seeing him without a Dr. Pepper?
Bill 'Leatherface' Johnson: On the set Tobe was not without his trademark Dr Pepper and cigar. Someone had the assignment to keep him supplied with fresh Dr. Pepper, and Tobe carried a briefcase stocked with his Cuban cigars. He was crackling with energy, excitement and a lot of affection for what he was doing. He was having fun making the movie.
Tobe & Dr. Pepper a TCM 2-ben

Munkatársai által gyakran felemlegetett sztori, hogy Tobe Hooper kizárólag és megállás nélkül Dr. Peppert vedelt a THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 forgatásán. Kipróbáltuk:

Ebből az émelyítő löttyből annyit bírtam meginni, amennyi a palackból hiányzik. Most éppen a hányinger kerülget. De god dammit! megérte: most már tudom, mitől pörgött Mr. Hooper láncfűrésze ---
I know Hooper has a trick for breaking in the back door to true strangeness, real madness. I know because he took me into that crazy place a few times — scared the hell outta me — yeh, Hooper’s got a trick not many people know. He stands there grinning, drinking a Dr. Pepper, and smoking a havana and says, “Y’ever been in Door Number 3?... You been in with The Lady. You been in with The Tiger... Don’t you wanna go in Door Number 3?” Spielberg tried to learn how to do that by producing Poltergeist; didn’t work.  - L.M. Kit Carson

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